Friday, March 12, 2010

Pulp Fiction. A

'Pulp Fiction' is one of the most famous movies ever made. At the time he wrote and directed it, Quentin Tarantino had only one film on his resumé ('Reservoir Dogs') and was still looked skeptically in the eyes of many. Now Tarantino is an iconic name and his greatest achievement, 'Pulp Fiction' still stands as one of the finest pieces of pure cinema ever mounted. Tarantino is a better director now than he was when he made 'Pulp Fiction.' But his writing has been there from the get-go and his skill with a pen is brilliantly showcased in this bloody epic. Now that it's over fifteen years old, people don't talk about the story anymore. They talk about their favorite scenes or their favorite lines. When I was working at a summer camp my fellow staff members would pop the movie in the DVD player and just watch their favorite scenes and repeat the lines with total bliss. So I'm very familiar with the scene in which Samuel L. Jackson eats the hamburger. I also think that it's the best one in the whole film. Tarantino's powerful dialogue is put on full display, but the only reason it works so well is because the words are uttered from the mouth of Jackson. He's in total command and obviously loving every second of it. In the movie Jackson and John Travolta play two hit-men. The other main character is a boxer, played by Bruce Willis. I didn't think his story held up quite as well as Travolta's and Jackson's, but it's still very entertaining. Also, the lady who graces the movie's poster is Uma Thurman, but she's mainly in the movie for one really long scene with Travolta. When it's all said and done it's Tarantino's screenplay that makes the movie work so well. Without it this wouldn't be much of a film. But with it becomes one of the most staggeringly brilliant movies ever.

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