Saturday, March 6, 2010

Shooter. B-

There's nothing special about 'Shooter.' Nothing innovative. No characters we haven't seen before. No story that we don't recognize. It's a run-of-the-mill conspiracy actioner that's fulled to marginal success by one factor: entertainment. Here's a movie that I enjoyed from start to finish. That doesn't mean what we see in-between is necessarily quality material. It's just that I was watching this one the whole two hours instead of wondering when it would be over. Does that mean I'm a sucker for cheap action flicks? No, because there's a lot of them I can't stand. But this one worked for me. The story is definitely a recycled one. Mark Wahlberg stars as a former marine who's asked to stop an assassination attempt on the president of the United States. Of course things don't go as planned, and he soon becomes the victim of a double-crossing. Now he's being framed for the assassination and he's got the law hot on his heels. I wish the movie hadn't gone so deep into the foreign conspiracies. It's such a retired plot device that it would have been better if the villains motivation was restricted to America. To its credit 'Shooter' doesn't try to get too serious. It accepts what it is just like we do and then goes wild at the end with a fierce and bloody shootout.

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