Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thunderball. C+

Sean Connery returns in 'Thunderball,' the next in the James Bond series after 'Goldfinger' (my favorite Bond film). The greatness of 'Goldfinger' could not be matched though, and 'Thunderball' ends up as a letdown. But maybe it's just because 'Goldfinger' was so good that this just couldn't live up to it. 'Thunderball' for one was too long. Bond adventures only go so far and since we know we won't see anything very new then wouldn't it be better if the movie just cut to the chase a little faster? I know enthusiasts like lots of Bond, but to me these movies should end around the 100 minute territory instead of stretching on for over two hours. Also, I know that Bond movies aren't about the story, but the one in 'Thunderball' really didn't hold much interest for me. It has to do with a villain named Largo who threatens to destroy a major city unless he gets a shipment of rare diamonds. The best thing about 'Thunderball' was the climactic underwater harpoon battle. It was thrilling and original and also really nicely shot. Also, the final image of Bond and his girl being pulled up by a plane at lightening speed was a pretty cool way to end the movie. But I left it hardly enthused. It's got some excitement, but ultimately not enough to make us forget about the boring story line. It's an OK movie, but definitely a disappointment in the Bond series.

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