Thursday, April 8, 2010

Billy Madison. D

'Billy Madison' supplies a few laughs, and for 90 minutes it's definitely not 'hard' to sit through, but for the most part it's an inexcusably lame disaster. Adam Sandler, who, in 1995 hadn't fully ripened as a comedy superstar, completely overplays his character in one of the most obnoxious and over-the-top roles I've seen. He plays 'Billy Madison,' a 27 year old brat who lives with his wealthy dad on a enormous estate. He takes advantage of his dad's money and his busy life by causing chaos wherever he goes. Billy's dad's not there to discipline him, so this man is really just a kid still. One day Billy's dad reveals that he will be relinquishing his position and has two choices for passing along his hotel business: the snobbish Eric Gordon (Bradley Whitford) or Billy. Billy has a grudge against Eric and he begs his father for the job. So they make a deal: if Billy wants the job he has to go pass all 12 grades of school to prove that he's worthy. I didn't think Billy was very funny. He didn't make me laugh much and I didn't really care if he won out in the end. The movie's is a total goof, not trying once to convince us that the events on screen would actually happen. Yeah, that third grade teacher would never fall for Billy. Adam Sandler can be funny. He proved that in 'Happy Gilmore.' But when he goes for the crazy and absurd, he looks like someone trying to be funny who doesn't actually have any comic abilities. Luckily Sandler does and he's put them on display in some of his other work. so if you're scouting out a good Sandler comedy or just trying to convince some friends that this guy really is funny, then make sure to stay away from 'Billy Madison.' It's one of his worst efforts.

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