Saturday, April 10, 2010

How to Train Your Dragon. A-

A week ago I sat in the theater in total awe at the beauty and emotional resonance of the latest Dreamworks project 'How to Train Your Dragon.' Seven days later the movie still appeals to me. Though it bears many resemblances to 'Dragonheart,' the movie it really reminded me of was 'The Iron Giant.' The stories are pretty similar, expect that the iron giant is replaced by a friendly black dragon. 'The Iron Giant' is a movie that means a lot to me because I loved it when I was young, and if I was a little kid now 'How to Train Your Dragon' would probably have the same effect on me. I think it's the sort of movie that kids will worship. For that reason alone I loved 'Dragon.' I appreciate seeing a kids movie that I know will have a big effect on those younger than me. Ten years from now 'How to Train Your Dragon' won't mean as much to me as 'The Iron Giant' simply because I didn't see it through a pair of such innocent and curious eyes. But, I will see this movie as one of the top animated projects of the decade and a close rival to some of Pixar's best. It's a wonderful film that soars above anything that Dreamworks has managed to produce. The problem with Dreamworks animation is that their movies don't have a whole lot of staying power. I used to love 'Shrek' but now I don't care for it as much. None of the others, such as 'Shark Tale,' 'Madagascar,' or 'Kung Fu Panda' mean anything to me. I'd say their best effort next to 'Dragon' is 'Bee Movie.' But their great triumph to date is 'How to Train Your Dragon.' Yes, it's predictable, but it's also a tender, funny, and awesome animated adventure.

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