Saturday, April 17, 2010

Laura Croft: Tom Raider. B-

A long time ago I had a blast playing the Tomb Raider and Indiana Jones computer games. I liked Indiana Jones more, but I couldn't deny that Laura Croft was faster, more athletic, and had a wider variety of cool moves. This is also proves true in the 'Tomb Raider' movie when comparing it to Indiana Jones. Laura is very well-trained and could probably handle Indy's adventures just fine. But that's about the only argument one could make when debating the quality of Tomb Raider to Indiana Jones. This movie is inferior in nearly every aspect to Steven Spielberg's famous adventure movies, and while it aspires to have the same kind of fun as those films, it just comes off as more of a stiff, actioner with a weak story and silly special effects. But alas, I'm a sucker for the adventure movie, and this one had the right setting and the right villain and it kept me entertained until the end. Angelina Jolie plays Laura, and she's about as much of a character as the lady in the video game. No humor, not really any depth, and no intelligence. But her lack of any real human sensibilities is mostly made up by her relentless personality and motivation to set things right. She works really hard and even starts the movie battling a massive robot for practice (I should note here that anytime a movie opens with a big action scene you should be aware that it's just a warm-up round for the hero). So far my recommending this film is based solely on personal preference. I haven't offered a solid argument in support it. So I'll wrap things up by saying that one indisputable quality of the movie is that bungee chord scene in Laura's enormous mansion. That was cool and flashy and any fan of the action picture will likely agree.

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