Monday, April 19, 2010

Meet Joe Black. D

Brad Pitt is Joe Black, a name that is used to help conceal his real identity. He is, as Anthony Hopkins is informed early on, Death. Joe is a real goof. He spends his generous screen time gazing, pondering like a romantic poet, and dreamily following the woman he loves. It all comes across in a very awkward and unromantic fashion. Though Joe Black's mission is to help out wealthy media businessman Bill Parrish (played by Hopkins), he ends up focusing more on Bill's daughter Susan. This is great big Hollywood romance, complete with a large slice of cheese and an extra dose of schmaltz. One of its major weaknesses is the way It indulges so much in emotional confrontation among the characters. So many drawn out, sentimental dialogues between the characters as they gaze into each other's eyes and question and contemplate feelings and desires. 'Meet Joe Black' goes on forever and by the end I felt like it was a pointless expedition into the heart of what life, death, and love really mean. It was so obvious and so sentimental and it had such a cornball ending and when it was over I was grinning at how silly this movie is. I might have liked it more if the wait for the end credits wasn't so interminable. 100 minutes tops and this would have been forgivable and even sort of fun. But three hours of the same thing over and over again didn't leave me with much room for pardon.

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