Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Moon. A-

'Moon' is a great movie. It's the kind that Science Fiction fans (like myself) drool over in awe at the vibrant images so gracefully put on the screen in front of us. To look at this movie from a visual perspective is reason enough to see it. But 'Moon' spoils us even more by offering a really cool, '2001' inspired tale of desertion on the moon. If 'Alien' moved the haunted house genre into space, then 'Moon' does the same for stranded on an island tales. It's about a man named Sam (Sam Rockwell) who's nearing a three year stint on the moon. His job is to transport the moon's energy back to earth (raising the question if we could one day use the moon as an energy source, would we be gaining more than we lose by extracting it?). He's in complete isolation except for a computer robot, GERTY, who's inspiration should be clear for anyone who's seen Stanley Kubrick's 1968 masterpiece. GERTY is voiced by Kevin Spacey and though it doesn't come across as a villain computer, we could see how it could cause trouble. There's a pretty big surprise near the midway point in 'Moon' that really took me off guard. Though revealing it isn't quite considered a spoiler, I'll restrain because I did happen to mention it to a friend who thought I ruined the movie by giving away the secret. 'Moon' is directed by first-time director Duncan Jones and he gives a incredibly assured debut. Jones, the son of rock legend David Bowie, shows both his love for the sci-fi classics and his ability to create a piece of work he can honestly call his own. Though the movie is very inspired, it doesn't steal anything. In closing, I should give props to Sam Rockwell, who handles the one man show better than Tom Hanks did in 'Cast Away.' And Hanks earned an Oscar nomination for that role. Not a lot of people no about Rockwell, but he's in a lot of movies and is always a memorable presence. Next up for him is 'Iron Man 2,' hitting theaters a mere two weeks from now.

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