Saturday, May 29, 2010

Blade Runner. A

Ridley Scott's definitive cut for 'Blade Runner' is, to me, the 'Blade Runner.' All the versions are similar, coming in at just under two hours with only minor narrative and technical tweaks here and there. But when a director has power he gets to put out his final vision, the one he originally intended, and that will always be the best one. In his introduction to the final cut, Scott says that the picture and sound have been restored to optimal quality. Indeed, the movie looks and sounds perfect and better than it ever has. Scott mentions that he went around and changed a few things here and there, but nothing too noticeable. He concludes by saying it's his favorite version of 'Blade Runner.' That means something. When you know the director is completely satisfied with the product, in a way it makes the viewer more satisfied as well. So if you're going to see 'Blade Runner,' see the final cut. To me it's the only one that should exist, though that's not to say the other versions are bad. It's just that they seem like practice rounds now. This final cut is complete and final. Ridley Scott is a very good director, and in movies like 'Blade Runner' and 'Alien,' a great one. I only wish he'd choose different material these days. I still don't know why he decided to make 'Body of Lies' or 'A Good Year.' 'American Gangster' was really good, but it didn't exactly bring anything new to the table. 'Kingdom of Heaven' is laughable, and this new 'Robin Hood,' which I haven't seen, has not been met with a good response. There is a definite quality to all of Scott's recent pictures, but besides their technical wizardry, there's not much in them that he can specifically call his own. But he'll always have 'Blade Runner,' a movie clearly means a great deal to him based on all the attention he's given it since its original release. And I too will always have 'Blade Runner.' When I started loving movies it was one of the first films I saw. So I'll always be sentimental about it on that level. But sentiments aside, 'Blade Runner' is simply pure Science Fiction that reaches a level of greatness few movies ever do.

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