Friday, May 7, 2010

Eye for an Eye. D-

This is an appalling thriller that suffers from being both shameful and stupid. It's a brutal story that takes a very serious subject matter and treats it like a video game. The movie, which actually takes itself very seriously, is saying kill back. What's worse is that the main character cheats her way into this and keeps living her normal life. In 'The Brave One' at least Jody Foster had to stay in hiding. And that's just one problem out of many in 'Eye for an Eye.' If you're not familiar with the story, well, it goes a little like this: a mother's seventeen year-old daughter is brutally murdered by a vicious killer. The killer is subsequently caught but then, in a sloppy, confusing trial, is set free. The mom, played by a miscast Sally Fields (she's really awful in this) decides she has to slay the killer both for revenge and so he won't harm anyone again. So she goes from a perky mom to a gun-wielding lady with a vengeance. There's other subplots in the movie that really don't fit, such as the mom's experience in a support group which eventually leads to a pointless plot twist near the end. Kiefer Sutherland, sporting an ugly haircut and a goatee, plays the killer. Sutherland is solid actor, which makes me wonder why he plays his role like every other bland psycho killer. Another disappointment comes with the father, who's played by Ed Harris. Harris, one of my favorite actors, rarely plays a boring part, but that's just what he does here. I'd have loved to see the story from his perspective rather than the mom's. At least that would make the movie a little more interesting and bearable. But instead he just sort of lingers around in the background and gives his incredibly uninspiring take on the death penalty.

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