Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Girlfriend Experience. C

'The Girlfriend Experience' might have well have been called 'The Girlfriend Experience Experiment,' as the movie's director, Steven Soderbergh is really just toying around with different narrative structures and techniques instead of trying to make full- fledged motion picture. In this defective little movie, we get a series of scenes obviously intent on being as close to real-life as possible. Soderbergh gives the movie a documentary feel with shaky camera movements and drawn out improvised conversations. But it's really not all that interesting, unless you find excitement in following around a professional escort and her troubles in life. Soderbergh clearly isn't going after greatness with this low-budget piece of work. The movie was released last Summer and went mostly unnoticed, as his studio picture, 'The Informant' was then yet to be released but was already receiving much more anticipation and attention than this. I admire Soderbergh for his range and his attention to small projects in spite of his high Hollywood status. You can definitely see his love for making movies in 'The Girlfriend Experience,' but this time around it might have been better for this project to have remained in his head.

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