Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Informant! A-

Matt Damon adds some pudge to his face and width to his figure and sports a fuzzy mustache and a pair of goofy glasses in 'The Informant!'. He delivers a sensational performance, the kind where you really see why he's one of the preeminent actors of today. I just finished talking about how I didn't like Steven Soderbergh's 'The Girlfriend Experience.' Luckily he followed it up with a gem based off the true story of ADM executive Mark Whitacre. The way 'The Informant' mixes dark comedy, and drama, all surrounded by true events, reminded me in a way of 'Catch Me if You Can.' Both of those movies also had immensely talented directors showing off their talent while simultaneously having a total blast. I don't want to give any of 'The Informant's' secrets away as it's full of surprises, but the basic idea is that Whitacre is helping out the FBI in a price fixing conspiracy at his company. While you're watching the movie you might be wondering what that conversation was about or what that phone call meant. But there's enough dialogue throughout the movie that you can pretty much pick up on anything that you missed. That being said, I don't advise you leaving at any point, even if just for a moment. This story moves at a rapid pace and you'll want to be there for all of it. 'The Informant' is the kind of movie that you want to watch again when it's over. It's nice to see a movie perfectly acted and perfectly executed while not taking itself too seriously despite its relatively serious subject matter. One more thing that I liked about it: since Whitacre works for ADM, corn plays a little role in the movie. So I don't think it's a coincidence that the lighting in 90% of film is either orange or yellow or both.

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