Saturday, May 22, 2010

Natural Born Killers. C-

Oliver Stone knows how to make movies that split the audience reaction more than any other director. His much debated, endlessly controversial 1994 project 'Natural Born Killers' serves as a perfect example. There are people, even big fans of his work, that detest the film, while others call it a masterpiece. My reaction to the movie wasn't a good one. I found it to be monotonous in the way it insisted on saying the same thing again and again. I also thought the repetitions in the movie were caused by Stone's devotion to constant quick cuts, switching of colors, and random shots that fill the screen despite being irrelevant to the story. I didn't find it enjoyable to watch Stone show us repeatedly his visual techniques. While they're impressive they're also ostentatious. 'Natural Born Killers' is about two serial killers, husband and wife, who become celebrities in their trek across the country. Young people, while not condoning their actions, find them to be the ultimate serial killers. If you're gonna make murdering a practice, do it like these people. I could stomach the violence in the movie, but what really set me off was the chaotic rowdiness of it all. The film is two hours long and yet there's hardly a single quiet, peaceful moment in it. Even the scenes that aren't bombarded with weird flashbacks or irritating color changes are still loud and unpleasant. This is clearly Stone's intent, but that doesn't mean his choice was right. In the end I can't think of one reason for me to like the movie. It's one of the riskiest investments in your time you'll ever make. My advice is to stay away. But then again, this is what they call a movie, and even if the rest of the world hates it, that doesn't mean you won't love it.

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