Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Yes Man. C-

'Yes Man' is a comedy starring Jim Carrey in a role that is sort of a mixture of everything he's ever stood for as an actor. The problem is that the script Carrey has to work with is extremely limited. The idea in the movie is a good and creative one, but it's as if they came up with it and decided it would be enough to carry the movie (no pun intended). But it's the little funny jokes and awkward moments that make good comedies work so well. 'Yes Man' forgets this for the most part, as the film is essentially uses over-the-top slapstick to ignite laughter. It fizzles pretty quickly. Take the scene where Carrey randomly covers his face with scotch tape. Little kids probably think this is hilarious, but anyone who recognizes good comedy knows that it's just a stupid trick. 'Yes Man' is a severe disappointment, especially considering you can see that it's not going to work about twenty minutes in. The title refers to a new way of treating life that Carrey's character pursues after he realizes he's isolated himself by always saying no to everything. So what does he do? Bet you can guess.

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