Thursday, May 6, 2010

Youth Without Youth. B-

You'll be glad to know that Francis Ford Coppola's 'Youth Without Youth' isn't as confusing or contrived as some people say it is. If you've seen something like 'Inland Empire' then making it through this will be a breeze. Sure, the movie is strange and indulges in a few too many narrative eccentricities, but for the most part I found it to be a fairly easy viewing experience with only a few exceptions that caused me to check my watch. Given the track record of the film's director, plus the fact that he hadn't made a movie in ten years, one would expect him to outdo himself with this. That's not the case. Coppola is tackling very personal material that clearly interests him more than it does us. The movie moves at Coppola's pace, meaning he doesn't have the audience in mind during any of the scenes. This is his movie, and after giving us such timeless classics over the last forty years, I'd say he deserves it. I guess I shouldn't take away the cinematic aspect of the film. This is still a movie, and the story is full of romance and poetry and fantastical plot turns. Just because Coppola is making the movie for himself, doesn't mean the viewer can't take pleasure in it as well.

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