Sunday, June 20, 2010

Caddyshack. B

Caddyshack is a favorite among a lot of people, especially athletes. Tiger Woods says it's his favorite movie, and I know that baseball teams love watching it in the clubhouse before games. And indeed, the movie is a good one, a funny one, and clearly a timeless one. But that's not to say it's perfect. Caddyshack definitely isn't a tidy comedy. It wanders around quite a bit due to the enormous amount of characters, none of whom are the center of attention. Normally Chevy Chase would make a fine lead for comedy, but here he's just a supporting player. It also has a bunch of other comic greats, including Roger Dangerfield, Ted Knight, and Billy Murray. I guess the most important character is a teenager named Danny, played by Michael O'Keefe. I suppose he's made out the be the main character, but with all the support, he too doesn't get a great deal of screen time. For me, the greatest part about the movie was Dangerfield, who plays a smug, obnoxious real estate typhoon looking to purchase the major golf resort founded by Elihu Smailes (Knight). O'Keefe plays one of the caddies on the course. The major disappointment in the film for me was Billy Murray, who plays the course groundskeeper. Murray is usually hilarious, but here he puts on a strange, sort of irritating voice and thus looses his natural wit. Ultimately, the greatest appeal the movie has to me is the feel and setting of the story. The summertime, the golf course, the comedy. There's just this feel the movie provides that makes you think of good times, freedom, summer, and the 80s.

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