Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Fan. C-

In The Fan, Robert DeNiro plays a die-hard San Francisco Giants fanatic whose zeal for his team causes him to become a violent psycho. At least that's what it seemed like the movie was trying to get across. But really I think this man is a psycho who just happens to be a baseball fan. This is a Tony Scott movie, meaning on the outside the product is guaranteed to look nice. Big stars, big budget, glossy Hollywood feel. But Scott, who's a boring director with limited range, cannot produce real quality beneath the surface. His movies have never failed to entertain me, but in the end I rarely come away liking them. That's the case with The Fan. This is a movie that's easy and fun to watch, but it also seemed to lose its believability by the scene. And the ending, which really ruined the movie, has to be one of the most preposterous finales of all time. Despite the problems, there are some qualities to the film. It looks good (though the footage of the baseball games in action was awful), and DeNiro and Wesley Snipes (who plays a 40 million dollar athlete) deliver the goods-as expected. But ultimately, when a story is too silly it just can't be taken seriously. That's the case with The Fan. If you want to see a better movie about the obsession of a sports fan, see Big Fan. That's not great, but it's definitely an upgrade.

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