Friday, June 11, 2010

The Fly. A-

The human element is always present in David Cronenberg movies and that's really saying something considering how weird and diverse his movies are. In this film, a mad (not really) scientist morphs into a giant fly. During the process, he becomes a disgusting creature (the makeup is spectacular), and when he finally does become a fly at the end, we feel bad for him. and that's what I love about Cronenberg. At the climax we expect some sort of showdown, but Cronenberg instead makes the scene incredibly sad. Cronenberg has made a horror movie, but instead of really making it scary, he emphasizes the tragedy of an experiment gone wrong. The Fly is a pretty intriguing movie, and much more serious than the premise would indicate. The scientist, played by Jeff Goldblum, has everything going right for him. His teleporting experiment works, and maybe even better he's won over a beautiful journalist (Geena Davis). When he figures out how to teleport flesh, he puts himself in his device to test it. The only problem is that a fly has flown its way into the machine and-well, you know the story.

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