Sunday, June 27, 2010

G-Force. C-

My sister has guinea pigs, so naturally I had to check out the only movie ever made about these funny little creatures. Now, if G-Force were to accurately portray guinea pigs then this would have been a slow and tedious little movie. Of course that can't happen, so Jerry Bruckheimer and his team decide to turn these incredibly dim-witted animals into secret agents. Their mission? Oh, it's obvious: stop an evil man trying to destroy the world, of course! Kid's movies these days are incredibly boring, especially when the plot is as overused as this. One could say G-Force is satirizing the spy genre, but really it's just a way for Disney to introduce new animals that kids will fall in love with and then get tired of. That's one of the reasons my sister got guinea pigs. There's been an abundance of them since kids saw this last July. They force their parents to buy the animals, quickly decide they don't want them anymore (or in the case of a boy buys one in the film, use them as part of a race car crash course) and get rid of them. Cats, dogs, and even horses will always be popular choices for animal movies. G-Force wants guinea pigs to be included, but this movie turned out to be just too stupid for that. My guess is you won't be seeing guinea pigs at the movies anytime soon.

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