Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Moon. C

The first Twilight was marked by a cold, hard grayness with lots of ominous clouds and Northwest rainstorms. This time around there's a lot more rich color and more of a big budget feel complete with an impromptu journey to Rome at the end. But like the first one, the story and characters spend much of their time staring at each other, declaring their love, and reciting ridiculous dialogue courtesy of Stephanie Meyer's lack of believable prose. But this is all romance, so the cornier the dialogue the funnier, and the funnier the better. I've never seen 2 hour plus movie with so little that happens in terms of plot development. The biggest revelation is that a mystery involving strange animal murders turns out to be the result of werewolves. One of the central characters is a Jacob, whose secret identity as a werewolf is concealed from Bella for quite a while as their friendship grows into a love affair. But since Bella has already encountered vampires, she doesn't seem too surprised to find out. What can be written about Jacob has already been said so often that it's almost a cliché. So I will mention something about him that has been mostly ignored by his ripped abs and bulking biceps: Taylor Lautner, who plays Jacob, can actually act. No, he's not great, but this is a kid who can deliver his lives with some conviction. And really he's the only one in the cast whose dialogue is actually believable. In a movie that failed to impress me, there were two consecutive scenes that I kind of loved. It starts when Bella goes to school and her friend asks her out on a date to a movie. The scene is very entertaining and pretty funny, too. Next we meet them at the theater, where Jacob has been invited by Bella (much to the other guy's annoyance). Jacob's only 16, so Bella has to buy his ticket because the movie, a stupid action flick, is rated R. The scene carries on with humor and eventually concludes with a solid, believable talk between Jacob and Bella outside the auditorium.

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