Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Nosferatu. A

I love this story! This tale of Dracula is perhaps the most haunting horror tale of all time and I'm nuts about it. It's the same story told in the 1931 classic as well as Francis Ford Coppola's daring 1992 Dracula. Nosferatu is the first of all the Dracula movies and the only one made before talkies. The movie is brilliant, easily on par with the 1931 version, and in the eyes of many, superior. I was thinking about how popular Dracula is and how many kids look at him as one of the ultimate figures of horror. But I have to wonder how many people actually know how Bram Stoker's story goes? I would have to think not very many. I didn't know it till I saw the movies. Before that I just saw him as a man with black cape and fangs. To close, I'd like to mention one problem with the narrative. When Dracula arrives on that massive ship, wouldn't someone see him get off? A ship that large could hardly go unnoticed. How does he sneak away without anyone finding him?

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