Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Serpico. C+

Serpico tells the true story of Frank Serpico, an undercover cop who discovers corruption in his unit and risks his life to bring it to the public. It's directed by Sidney Lumet, who's made a number of masterpieces in his long career. Unfortunately this isn't one of them. I thought the movie had a good story to tell, and it seemed to have all the right ingredients. But the film goes along at a languid pace and I found myself more bored than interested. And it's a shame because this is an interesting story with plenty of characters and substance. But the script and Lumet's direction take it the wrong way. I also didn't think it was very cool seeing Al Pacino dressed as a hippie. I know that's what Serpico looked like, but it really made the film feel old. There are some good things in the movie, though. Pacino is, well, Pacino, and the music by Mikis Theodorakis and Giacomo Puccini is refreshingly different from all those other 70's cop movies. And the film did the a good job of showing how Serpico's work affected and ultimately ruined his personal life. But overall this is a minor classic I'm not very crazy about.

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