Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Stepfather. C+

'The Stepfather' is about a seemingly perfect middle-aged man who uses his charm and wit to win over a recently divorced mother. They meet in a grocery store and six months later are engaged to be married. The guy seems just about perfect, but there's one drawback: he's a serial killer. Sounds spooky enough, doesn't it? Well it is. This isn't a one of those bloody disgusting serial killer movies where victims are shown in graphic detail. Rather it's quietly suspenseful, using that famous trick where you know the guy's a killer so every time he pops up you freak out. The film I'm talking about is the 2009 version, which is a remake of the 1987 original starring Terry O'Quinn from 'Lost.' A lot of people dismissed this 2009 version, saying it was a cheap, unnecessary remake without the sharpness or intelligence of the first one. But I haven't seen the original so I can't comment on that. What I can say is this 2009 version is diverting enough and constantly shiver inducing. Of course we can see what will happen a mile away, but for people like me, who haven't seen the original, it's worth checking out. And the final scene was chilling and perfect. I assume the original ends the same way, but if it doesn't, then I'd have to think that there's at least one thing this remake does that's superior to the original.

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