Saturday, June 12, 2010

Terminator 2: Judgement Day. A-

After playing with the Terminator action figures as a kid and believing that this guy was the real deal, the first Terminator movie came as a colossal disappointment for me. Since Arnold Schwarzenegger was playing a villain, I think a lot of the fun was taken out of the movie. But really it was just an underwhelming experience, a nosedive into moviemaking that the time was innovative, but is now somewhat dated. But the original Terminator now seems almost like a set-up, a prologue of sorts that gets this universe of humans and machines started. The real Terminator is T2. The special effects are better, the action is better, the acting is better, the story is better, and most of all, Schwarzenegger plays a good guy that we can root for. James Cameron, who made the original, loves long, extended action sequences just as much as he does telling a story. And really, the reason the movie runs on for over two hours is because of fights and explosions that aren't necessary, but still a hell of a lot fun. Cameron seems to have something new in each action scene, whether it be the amazing semi-motorcylce chase or the the battle between Schwarzenegger and a bunch of cops in which the hero intentionally avoids killing all of them. And through all the action there's a really solid story here developed by Cameron and William Wisher Jr. Two Terminators are sent back from the future this time, and one (Shwarzenegger) is trying to protect Sarah Connor's son, John, while the other, a poweful T-1000, is trying to destroy him. Through this story, a bonding is formed between Scwarzenegger and John, who has never had a father figure to look up to. T2 is one of the great action movies ever, and proof that James Cameron is the master of the sequel. Remember he also did the Alien sequel, which a lot of people consider better than the original. Could that mean that Avatar 2 will be better than the first one?

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