Sunday, June 20, 2010

Year One. C-

Part biblical parody, part raunchy comedy, Year One is a pretty terrible case of a talented director who's lost his touch. Harold Ramis knows comedy and he knows what makes people buckle over with laughter. In a collaborative effort with two other writers, Ramis manages to do this for the first twenty-five minutes of Year One. I was happily chuckling and at times shaking with laughter as the film introduced us to its dim, unsightly characters. But Ramis pretty quickly turns the movie into an epic of sorts in which the two protagonists must rescue their crushes and escape the corrupt ancient rulers. It's supposed to be a funny epic, but to me it was a boring epic. And the final half hour was almost unbearable to sit through, as Ramis simply ran out of jokes and turned to monotonous slapstick. Year One concludes with a big battle that just prolonged everything-and the movie's only 97 minutes. It just goes to show that when a comedy can't make you laugh, it drags like nothing else.

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