Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Airplane! B

Airplane! tries to make you laugh with nearly every scene, so the fact that I only laughed hard a few times may sound disappointing. And in a way it is, but the fact is that I admired Airplane! because it has such a strong sense of humor. And those scenes that really did make me laugh are hilarious. Airplane! to me is a perfect example of why dialogue is always funnier than slapstick. The funniest scenes in the movie involve speech, whereas the Saturday Night Fever spoof or the watermelon randomly falling from the ceiling produced only faint smiles. On the surface Airplane! is a parody of the disaster genre and beneath it it's a parody of countless other movies. It's hard to really judge a comedy because so much of it depends on the mood you were in while watching it. Comedies are meant for laughs, but if you're not in the correct mood you'll come away somewhat empty-handed. I'm not sure what kind of mood I was in while watching Airplane! I wonder if I saw it again I'd find the humor easier to laugh at. But for now it's just a good comedy with a few laughs-but those few laughs were very, very big.

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