Monday, July 5, 2010

The Last Boy Scout. B

The Last Boy Scout, like most Tony Scott films, is wildly entertaining, but unlike most of his movies, it actually works. A controversial private eye, his foul-mouthed daughter, sports gambling, a murdered exotic dancer, and a former star quarterback are the ingredients in this extremely daring movie. The Last Boy Scout is refreshingly uncompromising. It sort of reminded me of Speed because both movies don't try to remain plausible and yet they have strong characters that keep us believing and caring all the way through. I think the key to The Last Boy Scout is the script, which has so much violence, cussing, and clever wit that it was almost like something from the mind of Tarantino. Starring in the movie is Bruce Willis, who seems to be immune to giving a bad performance. Willis, whose action star status sometimes makes people forget how funny he can be, is hilarious as the hero fighting to regain his good reputation. It's surprising how close The Last Boy Scout comes to crossing the line in terms of offensive content. The characters don't have any respect for human life, and movie really just shows a dirty side of humanity that lacks any respect and dignity. But if you can accept the amoral actions throughout the movie, and that the title is one of the worst ever, and just allow yourself to be entertained, then you probably will be.

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