Friday, July 30, 2010

Secret Window. B

I declare anybody who can't pick out Secret Window's final twist before it occurs entirely stupid. This is a wonderful, creepy, atmospheric thriller based off of a Stephen King story (I've stated before how much I love those). The only problem is the twist ending that, if you're perceptive and intelligent, will become increasingly obvious as the movie goes on. Johnny Depp is at the film's center as Mort, a writer who's having all sorts of troubles. Living in seclusion at a nice but slightly creepy lake house, he spends his days sleeping and his nights dealing with writer's block. His diet seems to consist of mountain dew, sandwiches and chips and now a strange man is knocking at his door accusing him of plagiarism. Played in a convincingly creepy role by John Turturro, the man calls himself Shooter and sports a big black hat and a strong Mississippi drawl. He informs Mort that he stole his story and even delivers the manuscript to prove it. Mort compares it to his own published novel and finds it remarkably similar. Shooter begins to threaten Mort, which brings in a police investigation. Mort is also having personal problems settling a divorce with his wife (Maria Bello) and her new man. Even though the twist is predictable, this is still a daring story that only Stephen King could come up with. Though not a great writer, he's a master storyteller, which is why the movie adaptations are always so good and unsettling.

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