Monday, August 9, 2010

Beyond the Sea. B

It's always nice when you dig up a movie that you've never seen about a famous person you've never heard of. I don't feel guilty that I didn't know anything about show biz star Bobby Darin because I bet most people under thirty haven't heard of him, either. I mean, the guy's no Frank Sinatra. But he was still a rare, ebullient talent who's life was interesting enough to warrant a Hollywood biopic to be made. Darin obviously means a lot to the movies director, co-writer, and star, Kevin Spacey. This is evident by the fact that Spacey actually plays Darin and does it with complete authenticity. His performance here is truly great. And as I write I'm listening to Darin perform Beyond the Sea and I sort of have to agree with Roger Ebert that Spacey might actually be a better singer than the man he embodies. And really, Spacey is the main reason to see the movie, which is really a formulaic biopic with some artsy elements that came across as obvious and hardly contributed to the emotion of the story. But it's still a worthwhile experience, not too deep, but perfect in depicting Darin on the surface: a man full of charisma and talent and trying to fulfill his dream and make people like him.

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