Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Bone Collector. B

I liked this movie. I liked Denzel Washington's performance, I liked the maturity of the Angelina Jolie character, and I liked how it led us to believe certain things that may or may not be true. There's one character who I thought would be the killer. I thought that I had outsmarted the movie. But it turns out it outsmarted me. Now that's not to say the movie has the creative genius of Seven or that it really shocked me at the end. But I just enjoyed following the story and watching Denzel put the clues together. Confined to a bed, his presence has never been more powerful. Like Seven, this is a violent serial killer movie in which the killer picks up his victims in a taxi, kills them, and leaves behind some sort of clue. We soon find out that he's playing games with Washington's character, a cop who works from his bed because of a terrible accident that we witness early on in the film. Jolie plays an officer who wants a desk job until her knack for picking up evidence at a crime scene forces her to join the case. The Bone Collector is directed nicely by Philip Noyce, who I have a lot of admiration for. He's a master with the thriller and can do more with the genre than maybe any other living director. From the cold war thrillers like Patriot Games and Clear and Present Danger, to Dead Calm, to the personal thriller Rabbit-Proof Fence, to the peaceful intensity of The Quiet American, Noyce is obviously a master when it comes to all kinds of suspense. In The Bone Collector he gives us characters we have feelings for and a plot that's just fresh enough to work until it wanes at the end.

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