Friday, August 20, 2010

Breathless. A-

That my first viewing of Breathless coincided with the re-release of the film into U.S. cinemas is a pure case of irony. But I suppose the timing is pretty good, because I want to see it again and watching it on the big screen would be pretty cool. I'm not surprised that I didn't love the film and a repeat viewing isn't about giving this classic a second chance. I know that this is an influential movie and I know exactly why. But if I match this up with Shoot the Piano Player, I think I might prefer the latter simply because it does more with less time. But Breathless is still a movie that any informed viewer cannot dislike. It would sort of be like saying Stan Musial isn't a great player because you like Mickey Mantle more. One's respect and appreciation for a great contribution to a great art format is what makes Breathless a great movie. And of course, the personal appeal could very well increase upon further examination of the film, whether it be at the Angelika Dallas or the comfort of home.

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