Monday, August 30, 2010

Cop Out. F

Cop Out is surprisingly all plot and no laughs, and I mean that in literal terms. The movie is extremely focused on the story, which is sort of a mash up of every buddy cop movie ever produced. The humor consists of old, tired gags that are shockingly unfunny. It's almost as if the movie doesn't want us to laugh, so it puts in all sorts of comic stunts that no one ever finds funny. I cracked a few smiles but never even came close to actually laughing. There's an abudnance of talent on display here, from the stars, Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan, to supporting cast members like Sean William Scott, and finally to the director, Kevin Smith. Obviously the reason the movie hasn't been hailed as another Kevin Smith classic is because he didn't write the script. So really, there's nothing to distinguish the film as a Kevin Smith comedy other than the fact that its crude language is almost satirical in its extremity. It's confounding how excruciating a sit Cop Out is in its 107 minutes (it feels longer). On paper it looks possibly great, but like the baseball card at the end, its quality is absolutely zero.

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