Sunday, August 1, 2010

Daybreakers. B+

One would think that the success of the Twilight series would have inspired Daybreakers, a movie that on the surface looks like just another vampire movie. And honestly I guess it is. But in a good way. Vampires have always been the subject of romance, but in a classic sense they also represent blood and gore. That's what Daybreakers intends for in its treatment of these fanged felons. A clever premise, some strong action scenes, good characters, and some terrific one-liners (mostly from Willem Defoe) make Daybreakers one of the more enjoyable movies 2010 has had to offer. The first film of the year, Daybreakers was doomed before its release because it was about vampires and it was coming out in January. A lot of times this a month where some trash can get thrown out early, but Daybreakers is proof that early doesn't have to mean terrible.

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