Friday, August 6, 2010

Desperado. B-

This guns-a-blazin, kinetic, steel-nosed piece of pulp cinema is dripping with blood and unfortunately nothing much else. The style is all Robert Rodriguez, blending humor, dialogue, and random characters, and losts of gunplay into one entertaining show. It's a lot like Quentin Tarantino's work of course, but the only problem is that Rodriguez spends too much time with the action scenes and not enough with the characters. These revenge tales are all the same, and the only way to make one distinguishable is to put in an array of colorful players and a lots of a great dialogue. That's why Kill Bill was so good. Desperado gets this right some of the time. The opening scene was outstanding, and there are some side stories that are nicely done, like the one with the kid who plays the guitar. The plot here is simple: Antonio Banderas plays a man out to avenge his wife's murder. Banderas is a likable action star, and he's especially good for stylized cinema like Desperado. The whole movie is entertaining, but obviously not a south of the border Kill Bill.

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