Sunday, August 8, 2010

Entrapment. B-

If Catherine Zeta-Jones was an actress in the sixties, she would have made a perfect girlfriend for Sean Connery's James Bond. In Entrapment, she has stellar chemistry with the 69 year-old Connery, but just imagine how much better it would have been if Connery was back in his Bond days. Zeta-Jones is so beautiful in this movie that she almost, and in some cases does, distract us from the story. And that's trouble because this is a heist movie, meaning the plot is never simple. The movie opens with the theft of a Rembrandt panting, always a good sell to keep watching. Connery plays a thief who's the lead suspect in the case. This prompts an insurance investigator (Zeta-Jones) to join forces with Connery, the plan being to double cross him after a major heist. There are two robberies in the movie (well, three if you count the Rembrandt theft), one involving a valuable golden mask, and the other concerning a bank job on the eve of the new millennium. These jobs play out like they do in most average heist movies, and if it weren't for Connery and Zeta-Jones, this film would be all but dismissible. But gladly these two charismatic stars carry the movie all the way to its surprise ending. And really it's not the heists we care about, but the one-on-one between them that makes the movie so entertaining. Normally I wouldn't believe that a young woman would be attracted to such an old man, but here I was pretty convinced. So no, Zeta-Jones never got to be a Bond girl, but if this as close as she can get, that's okay.

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