Friday, August 20, 2010

From Paris with Love. C+

From Paris with Love is the kind of over-the-top entertainment that always divides people, especially critics. But what I wonder is why some people react negatively to a movie like Paris while praising Salt for its fluid pace and over-the-top action scenes. These movies are pretty much an even match, right? I think it has to do with the mood of the viewer as well as how they appeal to the senses. No one, unless you're, say, Armond White, can honestly defend From Paris with Love in terms of its characters and story. It's a wild ride all the way and that's exactly its intention. But endorsing the movie for its sheer vibrance, wit, and staggering nature is a different case all together. If you like these exuberant, violent, and funny rides with government agents and corrupt drug dealers then you will of course enjoy From Paris with Love. It's a movie that wants more than anything to please its audience. But I think the only way one can honestly criticize the movie is that we've seen it before and therefore can't really be surprised or thrilled when John Travolta takes on a gang of thugs single-handedly.

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