Saturday, August 28, 2010

Green Zone. B

That Americans have lied their way into the Iraq war is a direct ticket to controversy. The fabrication is that Iraq stopped using WMDs after the Gulf War. The idea that these weapons exist serves as a decoy of sorts to bring America into Iraq. Green Zone is an action movie and uses this popular genre as a disguise to keep the statements from becoming too blatant. But the point is still made and while I don't agree with it, I still find it interesting. What's not so intriguing is the film itself, which essentially transforms Jason Bourne into a Chief Warrant Officer in Iraq on a mission to "find weapons and save lives." Paul Greengrass, who of course was responsible for the last two Bourne pictures, directs the movie in the same fashion with a steadicam used hectically along with jagged cuts to make it feel like you're really there. While this wasn't really an issue (with some, but not me), there were parts of the story I found problematic. It starts out nicely, but as it winds down it becomes more and more straightforward. And the final twenty minutes when Damon gets captured were completely unnecessary. This story could have been altered to fit in better with the overall message. But as it is, the fresh ideas make the rest of the movie like worn out carpet. I'm sort of surprised at how obscured from the limelight Green Zone has remained since its release last March. One would think it would raise lots of discussions and arguments, and while it has among a select group, the movie still hasn't found an audience. It probably never will, which indicates Americans aren't ready for complicated theories involving the war on terror. I think they just want to see the Jason Bourne they know and love.

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