Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Totall Recall. B+

A few weeks ago I was on Rotten Tomatoes and checking out some of the early reviews for Inception. I noticed one critic's blurb remarked that Nolan's movie was good, but no Total Recall. This brought to my attention the fact that I'd never seen Total Recall, and that would definitely have to change. There are similarities between the two films, and while they both raise questions that can't be answered, one thing is certain: Total Recall is no Inception. But still, it was pretty awesome. One difference between Total Recall and Inception is that the former really does confuse you, whereas the latter is quite simple and straightforward. I think it's stupid for people to call Inception a confusing movie, but I have no problem with anyone scratching their heads over T R. While Inception's map is neatly and articulately designed, Total Recall doesn't bother to give us answers along the way. The ambiguity of Inception's final scene is sort of what Total Recall is like the whole way through. But while Inception was such a sophisticated movie with a few stellar action scenes, Recall is mostly an action picture with a dash of sophistication. But I actually liked how we never quite know what's going on. The star of the movie is Arnold Scwarzenegger, who is the complete action hero as usual. What I love about Schwarzenegger is that in his movies he never seems to be ahead of the audience. Usually, he's just as confused and uncertain as we are. Like Inception, Total Recall is worth seeing again. I'm still uncertain about several things, but my only worry is that another viewing or two would leave me just as confused. Because the truth is, the movie doesn't really want us to know the answers-at least I think it doesn't.

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