Friday, September 24, 2010

Disclosure. C

Demi Moore was maybe the most beautiful woman to grace the big screen during the 90s, and when she's given the role of a witch, that beauty is enhanced. It's generally acknowledged that attractive woman are hotter when they play truly evil people, which then really produces a bit of magic. We're watching her and loving her for her looks, while simultaneously wishing someone would just hit this lady with a verbal atom bomb. Cussing her out works, but what's better is when you outsmart her. This may be the most pleasurable aspect of Disclosure (directed by Barry Levinson). First we love Demi Moore for her beauty, and then we get further satisfaction when she's hit in the head with evidence that she really is a witch. Now here's how it works: Michael Douglas plays Tom, a software executive whose promotion is taken by former flame, Samantha Johnson (Moore). The day after her arrival, Meredith accuses Tom of sexual harassment, but in fact its the other way around. This incident precipitates a raging battle between them, with Samantha lying her way to getting Tom out of the company, and Tom fighting to save his job and family. Disclosure is from a novel by Michael Crichton, and though it strays away from his usual sci fi, it definitely is a product of someone who can't keep from instating the roots of science fiction, technology. Tom works at a software company and one of the chief plot turns involves a virtual reality demonstration machine. But Disclosure can't manage to fully explain the convolutions of its story. We never fully understand Meredith's motives, and the evidence Tom finds didn't seem to fully warrant her downfall. Plus, if this were a realistic story, things wouldn't fit in nearly as nicely as they do. But I don't really have serious issues with the movie besides the fact that it's not awesome. It's watchable and entertaining and it has Demi Moore. End of story.

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