Thursday, September 9, 2010

Enough. D

If you like to waste you're time, then Enough is for you. People generally enjoy mindless entertainment, but Enough goes below the definition of escapist fun. Not only is it uninventive and implausible, but it treats revenge not as problem, not even as a choice, but as a solution. Jennifer Lopez stars as a waitress turned mom turned revenge-seeking lady fighter. Her prey is her husband, who, after several years of marriage, suddenly and inexplicably reveals an evil side that forces his wife to flee with their daughter. You can sort of guess how it plays out from there. Like the atrocious Eye for an Eye, Enough suggests that the justice system is inferior to the option known as violence. But the film doesn't even try to defend this position. It just uses it as a way to thrill the audience. The movie ends up being every bit as bland as its title. After making such a down and dirty little movie like Enough, it's sort of surprising that director Michael Apted chose such a righteous story for his next project, Amazing Grace. Or maybe he simply wants to incorporate strong Christian themes in his movies as a pardon for the mistake made with Enough. Because his next movie, due out this December, is Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

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