Monday, September 6, 2010

Greenberg. B-

I didn't mind the character Greenberg as much as some people, but I liked the movie Greenberg a little less than the film's most avid followers. And really, what will cause anyone to go crazy for the film is director Noah Baumbach, who's understanding of the awkward side of human nature causes some to laugh and others to squirm to the point of distress. I'm still not sold on Baumbach, though I think he's made a massive leap forward from his disastrous Margot at the Wedding three years ago. While Margot went too far in depicting embarrassing scenarios between people, Greenberg takes a quieter, more subtle approach, and the result is unsurprisingly more successful. Still, watching Greenberg, one has to expect some ventures into the depths of humans most painful communications with one another. But it features an outstanding lead performance from Ben Stiller as Greenberg, as well stellar work from the supporting cast. But what makes it an ultimately rewarding experience is that the movie asks questions and actually tries to answer them. It doesn't completely succeed, but next to Margot, it looks like a masterpiece.

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