Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Jennifer's Body. C+

Because of the success of Juno, writer Diablo Cody pretty much had the freedom to do whatever she wanted. I'm glad she didn't go for another quirky teen comedy (of which there have been an abundance of since Juno came out in 2007), instead opting for a unique, if uneven horror yarn in the tradition of the cult hits of the 70's and 80's. Jennifer's Body stars Megan Fox, not because Megan Fox can act, but because she has a great body. And since the movie is about her body, then it's okay if her acting is still only worthy of Disney TV. Amanda Seyfried plays Jennifer's BFF, and when a disaster occurs while they're at a bar, Jennifer comes home covered in blood and vomiting a repulsive black substance that looks like tar. It turns out that she's possessed, and in the vein of classic horror stories, her demons are kept at bay until a certain thing provokes them to be unleashed. In this case it's the high school boys who she has ultimate power over. Jennifer is sort of like Dracula, except that she must feed on boys to stay beautiful. If she hasn't had her fix for a while, she becomes gaunt, sickly and unappealing (at least by Megan's standards). I enjoyed the movie, chiefly because it offered something more traditional and at the same time unique compared to the modern horror movies. And while the film doesn't really scare you (it's been called a comedy and a satire), it offers something that we really haven't seen much of: the hottest girl in school being evil, "and not just high school evil." I only wish that it had been given a different director and that the climax had been a little more iconic. Not only did it use a set up very reminiscent of Carrie, but it failed to even produce something memorable out of it. But it ends well and for the most part is satisfying. And Megan Fox pulls off the title character, though, as mentioned, not because she inhabits Jennifer, but because she has the body to do Cody's creation justice.

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