Friday, September 10, 2010

Radio. B-

Radio got his name because of his fascination with radios, which would make you think that he became some sort of sports broadcaster. But he was actually a painfully inhibited guy with mental problems who started out as a cheerleader and eventually matured into a high school football coach. In the movie, he's played by Cuba Gooding Jr., who epitomizes an actor trying to make the audience love him. He portrays Radio as a cuddly, awkward misfit who's only flaws are his natural disabilities which sometimes force him to be a little too gullible. Radio matures as the story goes along, thanks largely to an amiable coach, played in typical classy fashion by Ed Harris. If I were to defend my liking this movie, I would first point to Harris, who's presence almost always makes a film worth seeing. But really I just had a really good time with it because the story makes you feel good and Gooding Jr. somehow pulls off his character's saccharine persona. It's not for everyone, and normally it definitely wouldn't be for me, but this time it surprisingly worked.

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