Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wayne's World. B

Wayne's World is a strange and original kind of comedy that doesn't have any sort of trajectory to it. It's not molded in any particular fashion, and in the end goes places you'd never expect it to. It's a shockingly intelligent film. A very funny Mike Meyer's is at the head as Wayne, a dorky but sensitive independent TV star who hosts the popular Wayne's World with his best friend. When a hot-shot TV executive offers Wayne and his pal a contract, things start to change. The show, which was previously filmed in a basement, has moved to a studio, and executives have all sorts of manipulation and power. Thus the show has lost its spontaneity, exuberance, and originality. That the show isn't very good to begin with doesn't really matter. What matters is that Wayne and his friend are smart people who recognize that money has compromised the original intention of the show. Before they really get the new gig in full swing, Wayne and his friend are back on the road to bringing Wayne's World back to its roots. A funny comedy, but worth seeing more because it actually has brains. It's something you'd never expect.

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