Tuesday, October 19, 2010

He's Just Not That Into You. C+

If any of the individual stories in He's Just not That Into You were put into a single movie, it would probably be total crap. But gladly there's enough going on to keep this two hour plus rom-com pleasantly watchable-but not much more. This is another one of those Love Actually inspired chick flicks with an ensemble cast of big stars all taking part in different love stories that are somehow connected. And like these kinds of romantic movies, there are some stories that are good and others that pretty forgettable. Besides being a mostly entertaining film, Into You also attempts to make some insightful points about relationships between young couples. I'm not one to make any bold declarations, but there is one thing I wonder about. At the beginning of the movie, we learn that old idea that when a boy treats a girl like trash, he's actually saying he likes her. This is concerned with young love of course, but the idea remains the same through adolescence and adult hood. Sometimes guys are just too afraid to get the girl they love. But then the movie also stresses the point that if a guy is interested in a girl, he will call her. Seems like a bit of a contradiction, but besides that, I can't really complain with what the movie's saying. And ultimately that's very little, as this is in all honesty standard romantic comedy fare. It's got some good actors, some charm, and a few laughs, but for most guys its a date movie they'll struggle to sit through.

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