Friday, October 8, 2010

Interview with the Vampire. C+

There's too much vampire eating away at the necks of humans and not enough actual story for Interview with a Vampire to be fully successful. It's a nicely made movie, but it pretty much goes in circles, showing us over and over again what it's like for these vampires to exist among society. Nothing really happens until the end, when the an underground group of vampires are suddenly introduced. The lack of action or development in the story isn't a bad thing as long as film can move us on an emotional level. I did feel a little bit for the main characters (all vampires, played by Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, and Kirsten Dunst, with the first two stars not being nearly as unbearable as you might think), but not enough fully care about their predicament. The movie was made by Neil Jordan, who succeeds in making a vampire movie that's completely about vampires. But their lives are pretty boring, and as I said, there's not enough emotional resonance to compensate for the story that's not really there. Jordan said in the movie's introduction that he had made one of the saddest vampire movies ever. That sounds promising, and in a way the movie makes you feel the grief of these immortals. But if you want to see a vampire movie that really emits emotions that stick with you, watch the incredible Let Me In.

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