Sunday, October 10, 2010

Let Me In. A-

Let Me In is Matt Reeves showing both his love for the original Swedish film, Let the Right One In, and his appreciation for good horror. The movie is directed not as a mainstream entertainment, but as a passionate personal project, fueled by a terrific original European film and a great young cast. The cast here is essential, and not only does it come through, but it's actually an improvement over the one in the 2008 version. Kodi Smit-Mcphee of The Road takes the role of lonely, bullied twelve year old boy, whose name switches from Oskar to Owen. Chloe Moretz, that fowl mouthed, uncouth girl from Kick-Ass, stars opposite Smit-McPhee as the vampire, a sweet young girl who shocks us with her sudden outbursts that satisfy her need for blood. These two inherently gifted actors are at least an equal to the young Swedish stars in the original, and for me preferable when you line them up along side each other. Let Me In is unlike anything American audiences have seen in a long time in that it reaches an emotional level you'd be hard pressed to find in most dramas, and a chilling, romantic mood that's virtually non-existent in what's called a horror movie these days. The movie actually feels a little like a classic from past because of its setting, New Mexico, 1983, and, as I mentioned, it's so far superior to anything we've seen in the horror genre in the last few years. And I think maybe the most important thing about the movie is how complicated these kids are. They're unlike kids in modern films because they act the way kids really act. That's something movies seem to be afraid of, but Let Me In is different because it is in every way fearless.

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