Monday, October 4, 2010

Repo Men. C+

In Tennessee, a man lost his house to a fire, not because the fire was unstoppable, but because the fire department refused to put it out. Why? Because the man owed money for the house. The idea behind Repo Men is similar. Repo Men go around claiming the artificial organs of people who haven't fully paid them off. It's the future, but the principles are the same. You can't have what you don't pay for. Jude Law plays one of these repo men, who goes on the run after he turns against his company. This is an inexorable entertainment, hard, bleak, and bloody. It's an interesting story that introduces a new concept while following the themes of classic sci fi movies. I think the film sells some of its potential in exchange for cheap thrills, which is disappointing and keeps the movie from being fully recommendable. When it could have been a challenging sophisticated thriller, the movie turns to thrills of violence to satisfy the audience. And if you like violence, you'll like this movie, because it doesn't shy away from the grim and the gruesome realities of organ removals. Repo Men won't be regarded as a favorite among audiences like Brazil or Gattaca are. It's simply too unpleasant a picture to relish, and too vicious to really want to see again. But it has to be lauded some for raising interesting questions and trying to engage the audience beyond the usual diversions people are accustomed to these days.

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