Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Social Network. A

The Social Network is big, acclaimed, and popular. And it deserves all the good things it's received (as well as the host of accolades it'll be nominated for come December) because this, to put it briefly, is just a really good movie. It's a movie with everything a movie needs to be great. It's the kind of movie you sort of know will work before you even see it. The Social Network is about how Facebook was invented, but it doesn't actually make any statements about the pros and cons of this website. Instead it just shows us the fascinating story of the process in which it was created, and thus doesn't really make you feel one way or another about the site after seeing it. I didn't suddenly think that I should stop using Facebook or use it more or take a break from it. I was just too intrigued by the story and the relationships between the characters to consider any of the ramifications . This is a movie about Facebook, but the themes in it are much broader and could really pertain to any historical drama. I'm not sure what the state of Facebook will be in twenty, thirty years, but I'm pretty confident that movie showing how it was founded will be around for a long time. It should hold up just as well as the best of the historical films. And love it or hate it, one can't deny the impact Facebook has had on the world. This is an important movie, but more it's just a very interesting one, truly entertaining, and lovable despite the characters' perfidious actions that made them billionaires. David Fincher rules.

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