Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Crazies. C

The Crazies has its head in the right direction-to be a remake a horror movie that's superior to the first one instead of just being a retread-but it falls too often into the traps of every other horror movie and thus never really surprises us. Those traps are when there's loud noises, then total silence, then a slight creak. When the hero is about to be killed and then his friend comes in and saves him at the last second. When something jumps from behind a corner. The Crazies is filled with these banal moments when it should have more interaction between the characters. That's why Zombieland was such a great movie because it used zombies as a device, not the focal point. This movie uses zombies-or Crazies-as its driving force, which ultimately makes it hard to maintain any interest. This was a great disappointment. It definitely has superior intelligence to most horror films, and the acting is generally solid. Also, I think it accepts that it's not going to be groundbreaking, but simply perfect in its execution. But for me that's not good enough. Only one scene, a devilishly clever adventure in a car wash, hit the mark completely. The rest is unfortunately devoid of surprise.

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